I respected you, but now, your an idiot.

Some of us have had that moment, when all of the respect you have for someone is lost within a second. I recently had that moment and I thank them it because that is the motivation I needed to work on this site.

Allen teenager Emily Rayyan Stambaugh was killed in a single car crash that police believe was the result of texting and driving. (credit: Allen Police Dept.)
Allen teenager Emily Rayyan Stambaugh was killed in a single car crash that police believe was the result of texting and driving. (credit: Allen Police Dept.)

How do we get people to understand you are not good enough and it is unfortunate that either your death or of someone that will shock you to realize you are an idiot to use your phone while driving. In this case, it is not just taking a phone call, it is snapping a screen shot and posting it to facebook. REALLY?

We are in a connected world, people can contact us 24/7 but there is a different between returning a message while taking care of some paper work and traveling down the highway. Yes, I enjoy hearing my car read back to me my text message. Think about what is going on in the background, it is really amazing.

While technology has advanced and you can always get the bigger and faster model, humans at the end of the day only evolve so fast and we quickly forget. Take a look at Agent it will text people back and tell them you are driving.

Think about it:

  • Do your kids deserve to grow up without a parent? You could be in the ground or jail.
  • Saying sorry a million times will not bring back the person you hit and killed.
  • You swerve the car to type a smiley face and scare someone into an on coming lane.

We now go back to the title…idiot. I am not going back to the days on the playground,  “you are an idiot!”…”no you are a bigger idiot”.

Inconsiderate of
The public

We feel that the world is all about yourself and that it might end if you do not tweet / update a status or snap a picture.

We all need to think a little bit more and understand the importance of the car we are driving.

Please Drive Careful

The image was obtained from, http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/11/08/police-believe-allen-teen-was-texting-before-deadly-crash/

Prevent drowsy driving

The Utah Department of Public Safety said that since 2007, an average of 1,085 crashes and 23 deaths each year result from drowsy driving. That’s why it’s not unusual to see signs posted on long stretches of freeway such as Interstate 80 east of Wendover warning drivers to pull over if they are becoming drowsy.

The highest concentration of accidents related to drowsy driving involve young, male drivers from rural parts of Utah. Statistics show that Millard, Juab and Emery counties had the highest percent of crashes involving drowsy drivers, and July and August had the highest number of crashes involving those struggling to stay awake at the wheel.

Great tips, regardless of the time of year. Read More @ http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/money/56795533-79/driving-drowsy-drivers-sleepy.html.csp

Back to school driving safety tips

With the start of school, we might be stuck in a little bit more traffic, but here are some very helpful tips.

Here’s a refresher course on school safety laws for D.C., Maryland and Virginia Drivers.

*In all 50 states it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus loading or unloading children. The only exception to this rule is when you are traveling on a divided roadway.

*Maryland, D.C. and Virginia law states that, you can pass a stopped school bus on the opposite side of the road. However, all traffic behind a school bus (on the same side of the road) must always stop.

*The 10 feet surrounding a school bus is considered the most dangerous area for children. Make sure you’re giving more than the minimum amount of space. In the District commuters are required to give at least 15 feet. Maryland law says drivers must give 20 feet

Read More @ http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/08/back-to-school-driving-safety-tips-93200.html

Looking for better MPG?

Looking for a few more miles to the gallon?

Drive Learn Improve is a application that will review your driving habbits and help you improve your skills. Always waiting till the last moment to brake? Are you hard on the gas right after the light turns green? Play against your friends as you look to gain better scores, this could help you be a better driver and also help in the pumps.

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